48 percent of UK economic activity is generated by small and medium enterprises. Half the economy depends on small business and the self employed. Work from home has become a mainstream employment activity.

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Work from Home

All the courses on this platform support the efforsts of those that wish to work from home. Over the last few decades modern lifestyles have changed how we work. Because many homes now rely on two incomes, the work from home concept has grown. Stay at home mothers can now earn a full time income. This is  structured around their childcare arrangements.

Work from home opportunities help single parents, the disabled and otherwise unemployable people to enter economic activity. It raises their quality of life. It also contributes to the sustainability of the national economy.

All that is needed to access the digital economy is a laptop/desktop, and/or a mobile phone. That and and access to the internet. Free access to the internet has become the norm in large cities around the world. It is becoming more common place in smaller towns too.

Self employment is now easy employment to access. Whether it is a top up income or a full time source of personal revenue, building multiple skills means that anyone can enter the digital economy.