Online Research – a Remote Career

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Online research has for many become the doors that open to other digital careers. The beauty of online research is that its one of those work areas that allow you to progress. I’ts the training ground of the SEO industry. Once you have mastered and understand online research developing your career or small business into  other areas of the industry becomes exponentially easier.

Online Research can become a career

Work that is available in the industry differs. It sometomes pay to work for two companies. You do this by splitting your weekly working hours between ten and twenty hours two ways each week. To get a better idea of how this short course can help you, have a look at the 30 ways in 30 days blog , as well as the course description.

Different types of research opportunities exist for entrants with differing levels of education. Work hard toprove your capacity to do the work well. You will then find opportunities to advance, sometimes with other companies.

The course guides you through applying for research opportunities. it also covers how to prepare a CV (Resume). it guides you through the kinds of tasks you can expect to be doing, followed by managing your time when working remotely. The course also guides you through work management tools, including browser based timers so there are no work time disputes. For those that wish to work full time on a contractual basis, there are modules that guide you through opening a bank account that can be used globally and how to manage incoming payments.

Ruth Richards-Hill is a digital evangelist, She believes that there is a place for everyone in the digital economy whether they left school with no qualifications, or they have a post graduate degree. Ruth brings ideas and resources together building an environment of empowerment and enablement. She runs a successful digital consultancy and wotks with corporates and small home business owners alike


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