Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting companies – choosing the right host

At 30 Ways in 30 days we guide you through the free web platforms to start off your online business.  There will however come a time that in order to grow your enterprise further you will need more control over your site. To achieve this you will need to consider which of the web hosting companies to use. Choosing the web host for you can never be based purely on price. Web hosting may save you some to start off with, but can cost you quite a lot once traffic builds up.

Customer service and downtime

Reputation is important, but in the long term customer service and downtime management should influence your decision too. Obviously pricing is important but there is one important feature to explore closely. Web hosting companies have a reputation for charging tiny amounts for the first year of the contract and on renewal their costs can more than double. This is typical of domain registration regardless of who you go with.

Web hosting companies – what they offer

Not all Web hosting will be the same. Even when youre just starting out, make sure you understand the difference between shared hosting, virtual private servers  and dedicated servers. There are ways to prevent the costs from accelerating. When you remain with a hosting provider and obtaining the best deals on renewal are covered elsewhere in these blog articles. Most importantly you will want to be able to upgrade easily as you grow. With the capacity to move up from shared hosting to a VPS followed by an up upgrade to dedicated servers without changing host can be very useful. When choosing a web host take this into consideration.

Global location

It’s true that you may be able to get a really good deal online. However you should carefully consider the location of your provider. Interestingly enough when the location of your server but the geographical area that you serve are in different parts of the world it can affect your SEO. The greater concern of course is whether they will have 24/7 customer support. It may seem reasonable that your provider has customer support during office hours. If they operate halfway across the world, the likelihood is that their customer service hours may well be in the dead of night, wherever it is that you live. For this reaason it is best to go with a large reputable web hosting company.

Web hosting companies – Who do we recommend

I’ts not possible to recommend a single hosting company off the top off our heads. GoDaddy have an easy to use interface and 24/7 customer service regardless of where you are located globally. Read their terms and conditions carefully. Unless you renew an annual contract it will get expensive after your contract expires. To avoid this put your contract on autorenew.

We know that 1and1 has had some bad press with their customer services, however they seem to have cleaned up their act to the point that they have recently outperformed their competitors. They have some outstanding offers for new entrants. Additionally the dashboard in their backend is easy to use.

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